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YFS IconFire Impact
The fire impact program is a youth firesetter intervention program. This program is run by certified youth fire intervention specialists and is part of a national program. The program is not disciplinary rather it helps assess the youth's interest in fire, provides educational intervention, and additional resources as needed. More info HERE

Community PartnersPreschool/ Kindergarten: Community Helpers
We will use the fire truck as our classroom using color, shape and size recognition to show the fire truck and tools.  In addition we will dress up in our firefighter gear. We want to make sure that youth at this age know that firefighters are their friends and though we may look different with all of our gear on not to be afraid of us. 

9-1-1 icon2nd Grade: Calling 9-1-1 & "Sound Off"
In this lesson plan we cover when you should use 9-1-1, who could respond to you if you call that number as well as the information that youth will need to be prepared to provide in the case of an emergency.  We also explore the sounds that a smoke alarm makes via the curriculum "Sound Off".

Safety Sequencing3rd Grade: Fire Safety Sequencing

With this lesson we will join your classroom to use sequential thinking to teach fire safety. This class comes with a take-home assignment with a special surprise once the task is completed.  We have even made a version of this comprehensive fire safety lesson plan that is more interactive so that it can be taught during P.E.! Either way we love to be invited into classrooms to teach this vital safety information. 

Middle School Cooking IconYouth Cooking Fire Safety
We find that once youth hit middle school, they are more likely to be cooking on their own or helping their family prepare meals. In addition, students are learning cooking skills in their FACS classes. One of the requirements of the course is that youth learn about safe cooking practices. We would love to be invited into your classroom or to your community group to discuss cooking fire safety. We even have a really fun stovetop prop!

High School Driving Safety IconHigh School Driving Safety

It's no surprise that distracted driving is an issue. As the teenagers in our community start to get behind the wheel, we want to remind them about the risks of distracted driving and give them tips on how to be safer on the roads. For more information on vehicle safety visit here.

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