Ice & Water Rescue

The District has a vast array of water risks throughout.  There are several ponds, small lakes, and small reservoirs dotted throughout the area.  Recreational boaters with craft that are mainly powered by physical labor or electric motors use some of the larger lakes.  During the winter months most of the bodies of water freeze creating an ice water rescue risk.  There are several creeks and irrigation canals throughout the area.  Clear Creek is the primary run off creek and flows along the southern boundary.   This creek’s water can rise to moderately high levels during high run off seasons.  There is also historical evidence and potential in several areas to see localized moderate to severe flooding

Most department career personnel are trained and current with ice rescue entry suits and rescue through Dive Rescue International.   In addition station 2 crew members are trained and current in swift water rescue, also through Diver Rescue International.

2 boats 1 ATV (8 wheel floating ARGO) 4 PFD/water rope equipped engines 2 Ice entry suit equipped engines.